November 2020

Director: Flower Up (Alex Evans) | Assistant Director: Alex Nightingale Smith | Editor: Flower Up (Alex Evans) | Music: Vaughan | Written by: Thomas Harvey | Producer: Alice McLean | Producer: Frida Abildgaard | Stylist: Ryan Wohlgemut | Hair & Make Up: Tiago Machado | Actor 1: Akeil Onwukwe-Adamson | Actor 2: Jenna Anne Nathan | Actor 3: Benedikte Klüver | Actor 4: Pier Lim | Actor 5: Wojciech Synak | Actor 6: Cassia Blankson | Actor 7: Freja Jenkin | Actor 8: Emma Stepkowski | Special thanks to The Old Baths in Hackney Wick.

Premiered on wonderland, "Youngest At The Party’ is about my loss of innocence. Repeatedly finding myself in places I wished I had never been, surrounded by other men looking for connection and sharing drugs like condiments on the coffee table." It’s about being completely vacant in the situations you find yourself in, so the party consumes you. Wanting to be somewhere for the sake of being anywhere.

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