September 2020

Comes With Fries: Alex Evans (Design Manager) | Music Artist: Cry Club

Acting as the 'Comes With Fries' design manager Flower Up was tasked with creating 9 bespoke tarot cards for music artists Cry Club. Each card was to be release in a nine day lead up to the release of their song 'Nine of Swords'. Each card came with its own unique reading of the day, for example: "What is keeping you up at night? These thoughts are weighing so heavily on you, to the point where the only reason you're not having bad dreams is because you can barely get to sleep. You can't do this alone- unless you reach out to somebody, you will keep waking up, stressing out, and repeating. At least you have realised the source of the negativity- this means you MUST lean on your support network before you self destruct. Your fear and anxiety are actually making the problem much bigger than it seems, Take a breath, have a cry, and then face your fears head-on. The only place to go from here is upwards."

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