SCRAMBLED explores the vulnerable state of Havelock's mental health having found himself between a rock and a hard place in his love life. He emits a state of confusion during post Glastonbury blues. Video social content and direction coordinated with James Arden 'The Trash Factory' (see motion for more details).

Photography: Flower Up (Alex Evans) | Edit: Flower Up (Alex Evans) | Music Artist: Havelock (Hal Hudson) | Director: James Arden | Producer: Sam Seccombe & Ella Maei | Hair & Makeup: Faye Bluff | Production design: Farah | Costume design: Frana Murphy & Saskia Martindale | Management: Velvet Drum (Felix Canetty-Clarke)

23/11/19  -  Nikon D800 50mm/1.8



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