Havelock reflects on the similar vulnerabilities that him and his sister share. Having been told that she's struggling through school with bullying and anxiety, he reassures her through this song by relating to those struggles that he himself went through too. He recognizes that they are cut from the same cloth and tries to let her know that these struggles won't last for ever. It's all part of growing up. Video social content and direction coordinated with James Arden 'The Trash Factory' (see motion for more details).

Photography: Flower Up (Alex Evans) | Edit: Flower Up (Alex Evans) | Music Artist: Havelock (Hal Hudson) | Director: James Arden | Producer: Sam Seccombe & Ella Maei | Hair & Makeup: Faye Bluff | Production design: Farah | Costume design: Frana Murphy & Saskia Martindale | Management: Velvet Drum (Felix Canetty-Clarke)

23/11/19   -  Nikon D800 50mm/1.8



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